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Insurance for wwofers registered at WWOOF ESPAÑA just covers accidents or illness (and death) direct consequence of an accident while helping in the farm.
But for example you are not insured while outside the farm or even in the case of an appendicitis (because it´s not resulting from an accident). The amount insured is small: between 3000 and 6000 euros as maximum compensation).
If you get injured, just contact us, you don´t need to do anything special, because you are already registed with us in our insurance policy.
Unfortunately in 2008 we had a sad incident in which a wwoofer died while taking a bath, outside the farm. We all got shocked by the sad accident of Adrian, but upon all the grief, we sadly confirmed the insurance did not cover that case and the expenses of repatration were very high. We never think about these fatalities, but they do happen. Please be responsible.



If you wish to WWOOF in Spain, you should join up our organization, whatever is your nationality. Each WWOOF national organization deals with the hosts in his own country, receiving volunteers all over the world. WWOOF Organizations have common goals but operate separately.



If you wish to WWOOF in SPAIN, please apply online separately -at this time there are no joint memberships- (payment could be joint, but don´t forget to reference it your automatically assigned numbers when applied online). If you use the same email when applying, we will offer just one login information. All the WWOOFERS must be over 18 for legal reasons.


It´s possible, as many hosts accept children, in their contact data they always specify this possibility, please check with them.
In any case children under 18 years old cannot be legally volunteers, so they are "out of WWOOF volunteering" ie: they are not covered by insurance, etc. but obviously they are a key point you have to clarify with hosts.



We cannot accept bank checks. They charge us abusive commissions; please use any other method as explained in this website. Don´t forget your identification number, automatically assigned when you apply online as a wwoofer.

All the information given about our bank in the other pages in this site is correct, but for some reason in some countries and cases the data given is not enough, just for your information our banks name are:



Branch address is:

C/ Lersundi 18
48009 Bilbao

Bank 2:

Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona "La Caixa"

Branch address is:

C. Martín Ruíz Arenado, 9
39840 Ampuero

The beneficiary should be always WWOOF ESPAÑA.



The stay in the farm usually requires a minimum of 1 week (the numbers displayed in their record. -also available in the public area- are measured in weeks), but in some cases you can arrange with the host shorter stays or maybe even the host requires a test period of just a few days. This is something you have to clarify and arrange with the farm directly.
Previous experience in farming/agriculture is not a requirement, although it may be valuable for many hosts. In any case after your stay at the farm(s), you should certainly gain experience!



• As a member, you should have access to all contact data of every host. In the welcome email you should receive you get detailed instructions on how to access that information as well as a second email confirming your login/password. Please follow them exactly.
If you need we will resend it again, just let as know.
• The full list is available only when you join up as a wwoofer. Please follow read the requirements and the procedure in "Apply as wwoofer" in this website


Memberships expire automatically after 1 year. They are not renewed, unless you wish to do so (we even we will not remind you. Expiry date appears on your card).
We cannot charge wwoofers via any method and is not our desire to charge them recurrently. If you wish to renew your membership, please let us know and email us with your "wwoofer number".

Membership payments are not refundable. When you pay your membership, you do it to support our Asociación and goals, and one of the benefits is getting access to list of hosts, but you are not paying "just to obtain a list". Note there is NO 100% guarantee you will find a host during the period and area you might be interested, even if we only rarely receive deceptive emails announcing they could not find a place. Nearly most o the time you should be able to find a host somewhere in need for help.



We do not print any book: our computer information system it doesn´t allow to do it. Besides, information in the database changes very often (constantly news hosts are added while others expire in the listing) and the Hosts can update their information anytime.



WWOOF is ageless ;-). But for legal reasons persons under 18 years old cannot be volunteers / WWOOFERS. In the upper limit you sholud be fit enough to help in the tasks arranged.



Spain is probably one of the countries in Europe where spoken English language is less common. This is not a big problem in general, but you have to be aware that if you speak only English you will not mingle with people that easy. This is changing as more people is getting exposed to the English language, but still probably several decades behind other countries.
This happens because in general is not easy to listen any English in the street or even in the TV, quite simply the sound of English/pronunciation is not common at all if you are outside turistical areas, not to mention when you are looking for non trivial or easy conversations!

Anyway relationships between hosts and woofers do not fall in this category, most of the Hosts speak English good enough maybe even as their first language. Clearly WWOOF is very anglophile, even in Spain.
On the other hand these facts makes quite easy and fun to learn and practice Spanish if you are open minded and eager to learn. Don´t feel scared, you will enjoy and.. after all we are very hospitable ;-)

Finally please note we have several languages in Spain (Catalán, Euskera, Gallego, etc...) and in many places like Cataluña, it´s even hard sometimes to listen Spanish. If you wish to "inmerse" in Spanish language, check with your hosts their preferred language as well as the language in their environment.



El seguro para los wwoofers registrados en la web de WWOOF ESPAÑA simplemente cubre aquellos accidentes o enfermedades (así como el fallecimiento) que se produzcan como consecuencia directa de un accidente ocurrido durante la estancia en la granja. Sin embargo, no estarás asegurad@ cuando te hallas fuera de la granja o incluso en el caso de sufrir apendicitis (ya que ésta no se da como consecuencia de un accidente). La cantidad de dinero asegurada es escasa: entre 3000 y 6000 euros como compensación máxima.
Si sufres una lesión, acude a culquier centro médico y contacta con nosotros directamente; no necesitas hacer nada especial, dado que ya estás registrado con nosotros en nuestro seguro.
Por desgracia, en 2008 ocurrió un triste incidente en el que un wwoofer falleció mientras tomaba un baño fuera de la granja. El triste accidente de Adrián, el wwoofer afectado, nos conmocionó, pero aún con todo el dolor, confirmamos que, desgraciadamente, el seguro no contemplaba dicho caso y los gastos de repatriación fueron cuantiosos. Nunca pensamos en fatalidades de este tipo pero ocurren. Por favor, se pide responsabilidad.


Si deseas hacer WWOOF en España*, debes apuntarte con nosotros, a través de esta web. Si deseas ir a otro país, debes de hacerlo en su respectiva organización WWOOF nacional (independientemente de tu nacionalidad). Cada organización nacional de WWOOF asume el trato con las granjas en su propio país, recibiendo a voluntarios de todo el mundo. Las organizaciones de WWOOF tienen objetivos comunes pero trabajan por separado.



Si deseáis hacer WWOOF en ESPAÑA, os pedimos que hagáis la solicitud vía internet por separado - en este momento no hay inscripciones conjuntas- (el pago podría ser conjunto, pero no olvidéis referenciarlo a vuestra numeración, asignada automáticamente cuando se solicita vía internet). Si empleáis la misma cuenta de correo al solicitarlo, enviaremos únicamente una información de acceso (usuario y contraseña). Todos los WWOOFERS deberán ser mayores 18 años debido a razones legales.




Sí, en WWOOF se puede participar con hijos, ya que muchos granjas aceptan niños, pero los menores de 18 años no se pueden considerar voluntarios. Los registros online de las granjas siempre especifican esta posibilidad, pero además se aconseja consultarlo previamente con ellos.
En todo caso, los niños o jóvenes menores de 18 años no pueden ser voluntarios según la ley, de modo que quedan "al margen del voluntariado promovido por WWOOF", es decir, no quedan cubiertos por el seguro, etc., así que, obviamente, este asunto es un tema importante que debería aclararse con los anfitriones.


No podemos aceptar cheques bancarios, pues nos aplican comisiones abusivas. Por ello, te pedimos que uses cualquier otro método según se explica en la web. No olvides tu número de identificación, que es asignado automáticamente cuando haces la solicitud vía internet como wwoofer.
Toda la información que aparece sobre nuestro banco en los otros apartados de esta web  es correcta, pero por alguna razón en algunos países y en algunos casos los datos que aparecen no son suficientes; para tu información, el nombre de nuestro banco es:
Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona "La Caixa"
Y la dirección de la sucursal es la siguiente:
El beneficiario debería ser WWOOF ESPAÑA.


La estancia en la granja es normalmente de una semana com mínimo, pero en algunos casos puedes convenir con el anfitrión estancias más cortas o puede incluso que el anfitrión pida un periodo de prueba de unos pocos días. Este es un aspecto que se debe aclarar y tratar directamente con la granja.
No es necesario contar con experiencia previa en granjas, agricultura o ganadería,  aunque puede que esto tenga su importancia para muchos anfitriones. En cualquier caso, tras tu paso por la(s) granja(s), ¡seguro que ganarás en experiencia!.



Cuando te apuntas en esta web tienes acceso online a todos los datos de contacto de cada granja / anfitrión. En el email de bienvenida recibirás instrucciones detalladas para acceder a esa información; asimismo, recibirás un segundo mensaje confirmando tu login/contraseña. Por favor, sigue sus instrucciones con exactitud. Si necesitas que te lo reenviaremos, háznoslo saber.



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